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About Xperiential

Empowering Learners, Shaping Futures

Xperiential is a dynamic edtech startup on a mission to revolutionize education. With our innovative platform, we empower learners with personalized mentorship, potential placement opportunities, and an inclusive community. Our goal is to equip UK youth for the challenges of tomorrow.

Meet the Visionary

Founder of Xperiential

Talal Ahmad, co-founder of edversity and edtech expert, leads Xperiential’s transformative journey. With a passion for personalized learning, limitless opportunities, and inclusive communities, Talal empowers learners worldwide. A proud University of Liverpool graduate in Big Data and Machine Learning, his vision drives a brighter future for education.

Why Xperiential?

Empowering Education, Shaping Futures

Unlock Your Potential with Xperiential

Personalized Mentorship

Tailored guidance for your unique journey.

Limitless Opportunities

Explore diverse placement prospects.

Innovative Course Content

Engaging and immersive learning content.

Inclusive Community

Connect with a global network of mentors.

Future-ready Skills

Equip yourself for the challenges ahead.

Expert Educators

Guidance from seasoned industry specialists.
Hear from Our Satisfied Learners

Transformative Success Stories

Discover how Xperiential has empowered learners to unlock their true potential and achieve remarkable success.
Polish Your Skills

Empowering Education, Shaping Futures

Xperiential: Empowering learners, unlocking potential.
Pro Teachers
Skill Courses
Navigating the Future

Our Roadmap

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Xperiential as we lead the way to a future of innovation, growth, and personalized learning experiences.
September 2023
MVP Development

Building the core of Xperiential, the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development marks the foundation of our transformative platform, paving the way for a dynamic learning experience.

January 2024
Full Featured Product

Taking Xperiential to new heights, our full-featured product boasts an extensive range of courses, personalized mentorship, and an inclusive community, amplifying the impact of transformative education.

January 2024
Growth and Expansion

Xperiential scales and reaches new horizons, expanding course offerings and global outreach. Empowering learners worldwide, we forge impactful partnerships for a brighter future in education.

July 2024
Launching Five Courses

Empowering. Dynamic. Transformative. Be ready for an extraordinary learning experience with Xperiential's new courses. Unleash your full potential and embrace a future of endless possibilities.

January 2025
Scaling and Feature Expansion

Growing with you. Enhancing the journey. Xperiential evolves to offer more, empowering learners for success.

Meet Our Inspiring Educators

Revealing Soon

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